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Visions/Goals and Approaches


Saxony has been and still is an industrialised region.

By 2020 Saxony´s industry will be the essential pillar of innovation again. Saxon enterprises and R&D institutions will be important partners in global networks and value chains. Being active in promising future fields Saxony will reach top positions in national, European and global competition.

Saxon R&D institutions will contribute substantially to the economic development of the Free State. Their R&D results will serve as important innovation input for the local economy. Existing know-how and technological inventions will be transformed into market success. On this basis Saxony´s economy will show growth rates above average in comparison to other regions.

Saxony´s enterprises and R&D-institutions will be a magnet attracting talents from all over the world. Highly skilled and educated, creative and dedicated Saxons will turn numerous ideas into market success.

As a leading industrialised region (innovation leader) Saxony will be in the top league of European regions. A cross cutting approach for ´smart specialisation´ in our innovation strategy will have contributed substantially to this achievement.

Innovation culture in economy, science and society will be characteristic for Saxony as a location. The terms ´Saxony´ and ´innovation´ will form a symbiosis.


1) Strengthening innovation capability and performance of existing companies.

2) Setting up start-ups and establishing companies.

3) Creation of competitive jobs.

4) Developing science and intensifying use of research results in local economy.

5) Raising the level of education.

6) Securing skilled workers basis.

7) Strengthening innovative forces in society.


In accordance with the EU objectives, in the future, Saxony will be placing even more value on success-orientation in the innovative processes and in innovation policy.

The chances of success increase if companies are integrated into the development process from the start. Innovation is more than just technical progress. It is generated from the interaction between the economic, technological and organisational abilities and several »soft« factors such as cultural norms and values. Successful innovators follow a holistic innovation concept. They not only have technical skills, they are also marketing experts and designers for their solutions and technologies.

The technical and economic components are becoming increasingly intertwined with the social and ecological dimensions of innovation, creating a holistic approach. The social and ecological innovations create important requirements for the success of »classical« innovation processes. In addition, negative (long-term) consequential effects (external effects) are prevented or reduced.


From vision to goal

The innovation strategy is aimed to point out structured steps to realise the Saxon vision. It shall help to increase the effectiveness of the Saxon innovation policy, to strengthen the innovation-driven growth in the Free State, and to develop and establish self-sustaining innovative structures and processes in Saxony.

Strategic and operative objectives

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