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Saxony as living environment

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Saxony provides an excellent environment for connecting familial responsibilities and professional challenges.

Compared with the other states Saxony is amongst the best with respect to public expenditure for day-care centres, and also to the qualification of the educational staff.


The schools distinguish themselves by an excellent educational quality, and in the recent years they were winners in the nationwide educational ranking as far as standards and dynamics are concerned.


Theatre productions in scenic landscapes, treasured ancient customs, or art exhibitions with international standing – beauty has many facets in Saxony, and it is nourished by the contrasts that make the country of cultural heritage so likeable.


Top education

educational ranking of 2012Icon zoom in

Source: Institute of the German Economy in Cologne (2012): Educational ranking 2012: Improving infrastructure – ensuring participation – stimulating growth forces

    Saxony – region of cultural heritage

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    Source: Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts

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      Source: SMWA

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