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Ensuring innovation success, looking for new challenges

Saxony´s goals are:

  • Being the state of successful innovators
  • Expanding and securing its position in global value chains with its excellent performance.
  • Encouraging the culture of innovation in economics, science, administration and society
  • Continuing to develop into a magnet for intelligent people from around the world

Saxony's innovation strategy will pave the way. It is the master plan for Saxony's innovation policy for the coming years and defines the focal points for the state's future actions.


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»futureSAX – starting and growing by innovation« is a central knowledge and communication platform for founders, entrepreneurs, investors, chambers and action groups. By means of innovation-relevant future issues futureSAX aims to provide growth impulses for existing companies, and to support technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-ups to establish themselves in the market.




    Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

    Heinrich Hünting

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